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Anything Goes – NYMT (Susan Elkin reviews)

Star rating: four stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩

This show comes in several versions and I suspect this one, with its clunky dialogue and long tortuous first half, is not the best.

Nonetheless this talented young cast, aged from 12-22, imaginatively directed by Alex Sutton, turns it into a compelling, energetic, very enjoyable piece of theatre.

Toby Turpin is outstanding as Billy Crocker, the stowaway on a transatlantic voyage who – for all sorts of daft WS Gilbertesque reasons – ends up impersonating a seasoned criminal. He has terrific stage presence, sings with warm conviction, dances a splendid pas-de-deux with Lulu-Mae Pears (also good) as his love interest, Hope, and deserves to go far.

Miguel Rivilla does well as Moonface Martin, bearded and scowling in his unlikely impersonation of a nun and listening with professional intensity during his every minute on stage…

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Susan Elkin Susan Elkin is an education journalist, author and former secondary teacher of English. She was Education and Training Editor at The Stage from 2005 - 2016
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