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Reviewing student showcases

I used to review large numbers of graduating student showcases for The Stage. Then last year an editorial policy decision was made at the Stage not to cover them any more. So I didn’t go to a single one in 2017.

Then withdrawal symptoms set in. I really missed seeing the industry’s newest recruits in action. I also felt it was a useful way of keeping hands-on contact with drama school staff and students and I didn’t want to lose it. Showcases are like mini-parties too. I meet lots of people there I know – and over the years I’ve got to know several people quite well having originally met them at showcases.

Well I’m freelance and therefore completely free to do my own thing. I am, therefore, now reviewing as many student showcases as I can get to here on my own website. So if you’re drama school staff or student and would like me to cover yours then contact me. There’s only one of me, obviously, and sometimes the dates don’t work. But give me as much notice as possible and I’ll do my best.

Meanwhile Bristol Old Vic Theatre School Graduating Actors 2018 which I saw last week at The Criterion was a real corker. What a lot of sparkily individual talent!

And of course, while there, I ran into several mates including casting director Richard Evans whom I hadn’t seen for ages. Cue for warm hugs because it was lovely to see him. Updating each other on news, he told me that all his books now have new websites. QED. Showcases have a wonderful secondary networking function. Richard’s Auditions the Complete Guide (Routledge) is a bit of a bible for anyone (a graduating student, for example) who needs to nail parts and there’s lots of additional free advice on the related website.



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