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May 23, 2018 Susan Elkin

Tasks, errands and errors

So it’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Week. Well, yes please, we need plenty of that. I’ve also just spotted, in newspapers and on the...

May 9, 2018 Susan Elkin

Forms, steps and doors

I’ve decided – big gulp – to apply for attendance allowance for My Loved One. That should be “we’ve decided”, of course,...

May 2, 2018 Susan Elkin

New memoir details carer’s nightmares

My Mad Dad: The Diary of an Unravelling Mind, published last month, is the antithesis of “yet another Alzheimer’s book”. It’s raw,...

April 11, 2018 Susan Elkin

Much more than memory loss

There is a common assumption that Alzheimer’s disease – and the dementia which characterises it – is mostly about loss of memory....

April 4, 2018 Susan Elkin

An exposition of sleep

As you get older you need less sleep. Right? Well, I’m not at all sure that’s true, although, if you’ve suffered from...