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April 23, 2017

Books, books, books

These are just some of the interesting performing arts books which have winged their way to my desk in...
April 15, 2017

Let’s all learn BSL – especially drama students

I am fascinated by signing. When I watch BSL in action I love the balletic fluidity of it. I...
April 14, 2017

Oliver in the Overworld (Susan Elkin reviews)

Integrated signing ensures that every child present understands every word and nuance of Oliver in the Overworld. Krazy Kat’s...
April 13, 2017

Adam and Eve and Steve (Susan Elkin reviews)

King’s Head Theatre This frisky, oddly old-fashioned show (music by Wayne Moore; book and lyrics by Chandler Warren), did very well...
April 14, 2017

Hang on to pub names please

Established pub names are worth fighting for. In fact there should be some sort of preservation order on them....