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March 1, 2020 Susan Elkin

In praise of off-beat venues

I’m coming to the conclusion that I almost prefer the quirky originality of small, often unsung, venues to the grandiloquent glitziness of,...

February 23, 2020 Susan Elkin

Quality should override gender

Isn’t it odd how “gender-blind” casting and the not-enough-good-roles-for-women issue still vexes the profession and yet many amateur companies have little choice?...

February 16, 2020 Susan Elkin

Theatre should not be funded by ice cream

Nobody knows for certain (although several journalists have made rigorous efforts to find out) how the tradition of buying and eating ice...

February 9, 2020 Susan Elkin

Carols for All?

I’ve been reading play versions of A Christmas Carol – as you do, in February, obviously. And it strikes me that for...

February 2, 2020 Susan Elkin

Bags of officiousness

Are we actually convinced that a perfunctory glance inside the bags of theatre goers is keeping anyone safe? As I’ve said before...

January 26, 2020 Susan Elkin

Stop surcharging theatre tickets

Theatre ticket prices are loaded with extras and they shouldn’t be. If a seat is priced at, say, £50, then that’s what...

January 19, 2020 Susan Elkin

Keep blowing, banging and bowing

I see a great deal of theatre for young audiences, most of it imaginative and enjoyable. In some ways it’s the most...

January 12, 2020 Susan Elkin

When theatre evokes memories

My father, Ken Hillyer, was an accomplished folk fiddler and ceilidh band leader. He formed a group called the Southerners, the other...